The core that connects to the soul

Music affects our minds in a positive way and can lead us out of the darkest of times and into days of eternal sunshine.

The core that connects to the soul

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Power of life

Only one life can understand the virtue of another. For our lively world, which sings gleefully, music is no feeble power. It is undoubtedly among the greatest of powers in the universe.

It has the ability to end wars, and to create love in the most hateful people. It has the power to sow hope in the hearts of those who have lost every battle they’ve ever fought.


Music is the power of life. It makes perfect sense that only a soul which lives and breathes in the universe can understand it. Amongst the thousand forms of music everyday in our lives, we often forget the most important sound in the universe; maybe because we have become used to it.

We often forget that the root of music in this universe has always been right inside us since the very beginning of our lives – Our heartbeat: the most powerful music in the whole universe, which is perhaps the very first form of music we ever get to hear. A heartbeat is where and when we begin. Context is often important, especially when it comes to musical matters. Crying is considered to be a noise expressing sadness and remorse. Yet, when the cries come from a newborn baby, they become melodious, expressing signs of life. For living beings like us, context is very important. Context decides how we interpret noise and music. As we grow older, we hear new sounds day-by-day and we learn to recognise them as music or as noise.

If the creek of the old fan soothes you, it is music; if the sound of falling rain and gushing streams calm you, it is music; if the whistle of the blowing air and the occasional rustle in the leaves fill your soul, it is music. Music calms the mind and inspires us to think of the impossible and to innovate towards perfection.

For example, Herr Einstein used to play the violin since it helped him to think clearly and understand the universe in a much deeper way. In Arthur Conan Doyle’s universe, Sherlock Holmes plays the violin because it helps him think better while working on a case.

Music affects our minds in a positive way and can lead us out of the darkest of times into the brightest days of eternal sunshine. Music has the quality of being so pleasant that one shouldn’t move a muscle whilst it plays, and on the other hand, so joyous that the most anxious people would loosen up due to positive vibes. Music is strange; it is only as alive as us and only as dead as us. It speaks every language and no language at the same time.

It speaks the language of pain and laughter; of mournful cries and happy tears. Music should perhaps be better described as the celestial reflection of our time bounded soul; because poets live and die, but their songs are always left behind.

(Inputs given by Tisyagupta Pyne, Ex- St. Thomas Boys School, Kidderpore)

Painting the canvas of one’s imagination

Music is celebration. Music paints every emotion of the heart. Music gives peace and company and becomes the voice of the untold. There can be no particular day to celebrate the authenticity, sanctity, and purity of music. Every day, at every hour, someone somewhere is celebrating the birth of music.

Fete de la Musique was the first ever World Music Festival celebrated in France in 1982. The celebrations were held to mark the beginning of summer. 21 June is celebrated all over the world as World Music Day. As many as 120 countries from all over the world share this essence of music. Listeners of all genres of music get involved to commemorate this wonderful occasion.

Music is the eternal bond of love and life. India – the land of diversity – also plays a role in the celebration of the great joys of life through music. India has been a simple, yet amazing, place where music involves all communities and people of all ages. Indian is celebrating over 100 years of its journey in the field of music. Music knows no class, colour, creed, religion and gender. Music is immortal. Let us live the music around the world.

(Inputs given by Sudeshna Mukherjee, Coordinator, Ex- St. Josephs Convent)