Artist Palak Modi will display her understanding of nature in her latest exhibition, “Definitely, Maybe”, being presented by Jitendra Padam Jain (MD, Gallery Sree Arts). The exhibition, being curated by Annkush B Sharma, will open on 27 September at the Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française de Delhi. After three days of exhibits at this Gallery, it will move to Gallery Sree Arts, Gurugram, from 1-10 October.

Definitely, Maybe provides Palak with a platform to play with the unpredictability of life, nature and humans. It is a journey of a 17-yearold trying to find structure even in the chaos, or sometimes just embracing the chaos itself. Keeping her faith firmly in the transience of life, she has ventured into portraying the world in different mediums ~ fromacrylics and water colours to foliage and cement. Her work is a blend of realism with abstractions.

Trained variously in art at the JJ Sanskriti School of Visual Arts, Gurugram, Palak brings the experience of both the Occidental and the Oriental learning into her creative renderings. The way nature embraces its new seasons and leaves change their colours, to the manner in which humans reconstruct their thoughts. Nature undergoes constant transformation. And it is this very process of change that defines the existence of perfectionism. Gaining inspiration from the perfect imperfections of nature and of humans, Palak has attempted to portray the untamed world around us just the way it is ~ pure, raw and free.

Though Palak has been painting since she was just-six-years-old, she always treated painting just as any other hobby; it was no different from dancing and reading for her. But she genuinely relished spending time in the studio, working with paints and learning right techniques by her mentor Jitendra Padam Jain.

Many of Palak’s art pieces also a result of spontaneity and just “her being in the moment”. Palak wants “not to think so much while working, especially on abstractions, else, it may disrupt the purity of my expressions”. She believes this has really been a strong influence and a dose of motivation for her to work as a true artist who connects better through her works rather than words.