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Epitomising A Great Author

An evening at IIC presented its audience some of the best known plays by the renowned Hindi author Dharamveer Bharti. A review by Aruna Bhowmick.

Girl power to the fore

Bal Mitra Gram and Bal Panchayat are two initiatives of Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation that have helped children, especially girls, to fight against various issues that plague their villages. Whether it is campaign against child marriage, fight against child labour or for education, girls have played a leadership role.

BEWARE: The Locust Swarms are com-

The looming challenge of a locust invasion that could hit both India and Pakistan hard and lead to famine conditions in the threatened areas.

Town by the lake

Nestled beside the slopes of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, Neuchâtel is the charm in the crest of its eponymous lake, a gorgeous primitive littoral city with an opulent history and a delightful Old Town, says Rupali Dean.

Marathwada drought: Man versus nature

Even as scores of villages across Marathwada search for water and wait for rains, there are a few islands of relative calm. Places that have done watershed development are better off compared to others, clearly a model to be followed by others, notes Nivedita Khandekar.

Eerie stories of the days of the yore

Beliefs of human beings undergoing transformation into an animal when their sexual instincts or lust for killing are aroused is not confined to India alone, for it holds good in Africa, America and Europe too, along with vampire stories

An enchanting getaway

It may be located in one of the isolated regions of China but Guiyang, the Capital of Guizhou province, is fast emerging as an attractive and affordable destination for tourists from across the world.

Barmer: The last town

Due to its location, the district has a large variation in temperature, from 51 °C in peak summer to 0 °C in winter. One could hardly imagine life in these severe conditions and how its residents are surviving.