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Into the heart of a myth: Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

A new show aims to explain a few conspiracy theories related to disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Bermuda is a beautiful remote paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, full of rare treasures like coral reefs, pink sands, sparkling waters and the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Known for the baffling disappearance of hundreds of ships, aircrafts and even humans, the Bermuda Triangle is a big mystery worldwide. From hurricanes and ghosts to UFO’s and even marine creatures, there’s no end to the conspiracy theories that exist to explain these oddities.

Sony BBC Earth’s new show, Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle is a refreshing take on the place that acquaints viewers to some unheard and unknown theories behind the disappearances. We bring five such theories that will leave one baffled!

Rogue waves: Situated in the open sea, Bermuda is an exposed island; because of which storms across all directions converge to make a deadly ocean phenomenon called the rogue wave. These rogue waves are known to be so steep that scientists have claimed that their force is responsible for some of the unexplained disappearances.

Strange forces: The theory of strange forces came into being in 1492 when Christopher Columbus saw something strange while sailing in these waters. Columbus said that a flame of fire crashed into the sea and a strange light arose. He also believed that his compass was playing up. His crew too was absolutely terrified of these unknown waters and was convinced that unkind forces are at work.

Thunderstorms: During summers, Bermuda Island experiences powerful thunderstorms that build up inland and create big black clouds. With unbelievable speed, the thunderstorm hits a boat and manages to overturn it. It is believed that their magnitude has the power to engulf everything that comes its way and is one of the reasons why inexperienced people still go missing.

Morgan’s Cloud: Bermuda has a distinct cloud formation that brings about frequent thunderstorms in summers, and the islanders have given it a name, Morgan’s Cloud. It is named after sea captain, Morgan who participated in the theft of gunpowder from the royal family and sailed back to America where it was used in the first major battle of the American Revolution. Many say that Morgan may have been feeling guilty and the thunder is him rumbling and saying sorry for what he had done!

Ghost ships: There have been many claims of strange sightings but perhaps none is stranger than the ghost ships. They seem to appear out of nowhere and are sometimes not even recognisable as man-made objects. While those ghost ships may appear to be floating on water, it’s actually in the air! They are created by a mirage as the speed of light changes according to the medium it’s travelling in. It moves at different speeds in cold and warm air, and bends when going from one to the other.