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Generating employment opportunities

Ruchi Gupta |

Healthcare industry is one of India’s vastly expanding sectors in terms of economy. Anyone in pursuit of a fulfilling career has more than just a chance to establish themselves in it. This basically deals with hospitals, diagnostics, medical devices, and medical tourism. Though this sector is showing an exponential growth, the scope of development is yet to be explored. Students at the doorstep of their career should be aware that how big and diverse this field will be by the end of 2020.

With more private players coming forward with better public- private partnerships, it is estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 25 per cent during this five year tenure. Many students are confused with what to opt for after completing their graduation. Majority of them do their post graduation to get a decent job.

Diagnostics is one such segment in the field of healthcare management that has brilliant prospects in job environment and a profitable option. Besides getting lucrative remunerations, this also helps to achieve the goal of service to mankind. Healthcare operates in various segments of which the diagnostics is at a boom. Pathology, the type of diagnosis of human diseases by laboratory methods has open scope in areas either as a diagnostician, teacher or an investigator. Pathologists in clinical laboratories practice as consultant physicians, to analyse the laboratory reports for better diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

Another field of diagnosis is radiology that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases with medical imaging techniques. With the increasing demand for radiologists in India, this field ensures a better career path and the occupation is expected to grow faster than any other. A radiology technician has an option to work as ultrasound technician, X-ray technician, MRI technician, CT technician and medical professional. With an immediate and sustainable demand for technologists in hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices, this profession will continue to show higher than average job growth in the future.

Job scenario for those planning to start their careers in radiology are expected to remain high, particularly for those interested in working for general medical and surgical hospitals. Radiation technicians can work in urgent care facilities, clinics, equipment sales, and private offices. Radiologic technology is a fascinating subject to study which in addition to providing certificate to work in the state of residence, also prepares a career in healthcare industry that is challenging, important and gratifying.

Being one of the heart warming jobs, position of a radiologist holds 15th rank among the best jobs and considered one of the smartest choices to opt for. According to IBEF, the overall healthcare market is worth $ 100 billion and is expected to reach 280 billion by 2020. The Indian medical tourism will reach $ 10 billion with two times growth in health care IT market. The data promises to provide a huge boost in generating employment opportunities in the upcoming years in the field of healthcare management.

With several big investments being made in this sector, the functioning of the industry has become more professional, organised and efficient. Besides the urgent need for trained doctors and nursing staff, efficient management is required in various measures of the field.

As far as job opportunities are concerned, diagnostic management professionals are required not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in healthcare NGOs, hospital consultancy companies and IT industry involved in developing software and imaging equipments. IT firms like Dell, Accenture, Delloite, etc hire such professionals. In case of a fresher, who has no work experience, the industry hires them as technicians and with the training and experience gained they will reach the zenith within few years.

Looking for future experts, lack of talent is currently a drawback. The industry is growing at a swift rate, though the talent still is lagging. To nurture today’s talent for a long term with focus on quality, opens up scope for many. Being a young industry open in the market, the learning curve will definitely be sharp and the talent will be nurtured to withhold greater responsibilities at a younger age.

This industry is trying to seek out people who have a high moral purpose, eager to learn and lead. It will create an impact in advancing in the healthcare world by providing promising opportunities that will reshape and redefine the economy. With the growing science and technology, use of medical apps have been on a rise and made IT considerably more understanding. The role of a technician has undergone a major change over the past decade.

Most modern hospitals and healthcare establishments are in requirement of experienced technicians and radio-interventionist equipped with multi-disciplinary skills. They desire a skilled workforce of professionals involved in research, market shaping and development and most importantly customer centric roles. India is the potential place to attract healthcare industry with its highly skilled specialised workforce.

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