The world of fashion has always been associated with ramp walks, glamorous shows, enchanting after parties, and likewise. However, behind such flamboyant events, the real enigma of the fashion realm goes unnoticeable. Behind the scenes of glamour, there is a group of people involved in creativity and imagination, whilst working around-the clock to present an alluring phenomenon. Fashion is a dream woven to present creative work and design, translated to the stimulation derived from the world of style.

In today’s time, many people desire to be a part of that dream and for those passionate individuals and minds, there are many distinctive and determinate factors in a career in fashion that is imperative to know and acquaint with. The industry has seen a significant rise in demand in the past decades, giving way to newer career opportunities. In today’s time, various fashion institutions are offering various courses to young aspirants.

Fashion is not just restricted to modelling and designing but is a dynamic world that involves passion, creativity, imagination, and the ability to decode the trends towards art and design. An individual can pursue several roles, as career, in the fashion industry such as fashion photography, graphic designing, fashion merchandising, and retail, make-up, and hairstyle artistry. To provide a preview, one can choose from any of the following, enthralling career paths that may have not been familiar before:

Fashion illustrator

A fashion illustrator typically collaborates with designers to produce visionary sketches, and interpretations of products in order to create images for advertising and promotional purposes.

Fashion trend forecaster

An individual with strong, cogent skills and research techniques in conjunction with comprehensive knowledge of the history of fashion is more likely to excel as a fashion trend forecaster as they will be involved in predicting trends for upcoming seasons.

Garment technologist

A career as a garment technologist opens the doors to create and develop innovative garments by researching new fabric, cloth, and fiber combinations.

Fashion curator

A career as a fashion curator can be exhilarating because the fashion designers have started to understand the benefits of archiving their collections beforehand.

Sustainability compliance officer

People across the globe are ensuring to follow sustainability and the world of fashion has been amongst the first to give the thought of sustainability its due importance. An individual can opt for a career as a Sustainability Compliance Officer and ensure to contribute towards something noble and moral by upholding the essence of sustainability in fashion. Gone are the days when people perceived that the fashion industry had a limited job role to offer.

While the new-age career choices offered by the fashion industry are vast and exhilarating, they have their own set of challenges, which helps an individual to find a dream career path. This phase is where an individual seeks a genuine source of guidance. Moreover, decoding the functioning of the contemporary fashion industry is a primary element towards achieving the desired career in the world of fashion.

An ever-evolving, fast-paced industry demands an immense level of creativity and decoding of trends. This decoding of trends can be done successfully by selecting the right course or programme. To add to that, in today’s time various fashion schools offer young aspirants a plethora of courses, thus helping them explore the industry like never before.

(The writer is creative and academic director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South)