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Adapt to succeed

Here is how professional skills will help you to start and manage a prosperous career

KARUN KAURA | New Delhi |

To acquire a successful career is not an easy task. It requires years of dedication, hard work and some distinct skills. Achievements not only come to people who are just immensely knowledgeable but also possess skills that help them work more efficiently.

A person must not only possess knowledge but should also know how to use the knowledge with the help of certain skills. These skills are not acquired overnight. It takes years of experience along with some setbacks.

However, with time, we can see people getting unskilled and hence learning new things, which take them forward in their careers.

To begin with, adaptability is one of the most important skills. Be it towards work environment, people, or technological advancements, a person must readily adapt to any changes that may come. He or she needs to be in line with the current trends, which are happening in the company.

Even if the company is moving from use of chalkboard to white board to pen down their ideas in meetings, an employee needs to adapt to the changes. This might not be easy for many people but then that is what differentiates success from failure. Even if you are uncomfortable to changes, you need to put on a brave face and confront everything with utmost sincerity.

A greater adaptability marks out the person’s flexibility with situations and circumstances. It puts faith of the company in the employee and imparts the image that the employee is capable of adjusting to any new conditions.

In addition, this skill is important for a better career growth. Adaptability presents more career opportunities. Simultaneously, an employee must also know how to work in a team and be an excellent team player. Collaborative working is a skill, which many lack.

To succeed in future endeavours, knowledge and experience in teamwork plays a big role. The more you adapt yourself around new people, the more chances you get of learning and working efficiently. Sometimes, two minds at work turn out to be more productive than a single mind at work.

A certain trust needs to be built up among the employees, which can be achieved by creating effective and productive working relationships. Effective teamwork also builds up morale in the workplace that encourages employees to work harder and voice out their opinions more freely.

Leadership skills also play a vital role in shaping someone’s career. Possessing the ability to guide people and take in charge of projects certainly sits better with the management. In fact, they look for employees with good leadership skills.

A company needs an employee who people can look up to in circumstances when they need support. It is also imperative to possess good communication skills, which can help the employee to be vocal about their ideas and suggestions.

Good communication helps in efficient and concise collaboration. One who shows remarkable leaderships skills is very vital for the company. An effective leader can encourage all the employees to work efficiently and put their best effort.

To achieve a successful career, one must be very clear of his or her goals. It is crucial to maintain a competitive nature with a hunger for knowledge and thirst for experience.

Competitiveness without goals often leads to wasted energy so it is advisable that setting new targets and goals keep the spark alive in the work and leads to better performance and the eagerness to work.

Sometimes, work can get tedious and lack of achievements may lead to lack of motivation. For a better career, motivation is the key. Irrespective of where you stand in your career or how good or bad you might be doing; it is crucial to keep yourself motivated all the time. Motivation will enable the person to put in those hours of dedication and hard work.

Striving for more is how an employee will be able to keep himself or herself as an important asset to the company and the team. When people always see an employee going beyond in their work, it creates a highly respected image of the employee.

Motivation and passion go hand in hand. If you are not passionate towards what you are doing, you will never be motivated enough to achieve your goals and be successful. Therefore, even if situation becomes tough to handle, a passionate employee must never take no for an answer.

In order to thrive in your career, ‘want’ is the ultimate feeling that a person should embrace. You need to ‘want’ to achieve your goals and map your road towards success. The road towards success will always be overflowing with risks, and it is quite unavoidable. A dedicated person must be willing to take all risks that come in the way.

Overcoming all the risks will lead to success. Unless you are willing to take that risk, you will never be able to know what capabilities you hold and you may end up staying stationary within your career for a long time. It is true what many experts say, the path to success is not a straight path, it is filled with curves and obstacles at every bend.

The journey to reach the peak in career is not going to be an easy one unless you are willing to give your hundred per cent efforts.

The writer is CMD Kaya Spirits