Unlocking dreams: Hear it from the college students

As graduation approaches, college students find themselves at a crossroads of ambition and reality, analysing their next steps.

Unlocking dreams: Hear it from the college students

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As graduation approaches, college students find themselves at a crossroads of ambition and reality, analysing their next steps. Today’s world is a spectrum of dream careers, which is as diverse as the student population, with crystallising evolving industries and personal passions; hence, let’s explore and hear from college students about their dreams and ambitions.

Here are a few voices

I am just about to finish my Master’s in English and will probably find the mundane in my way to go. Yet, the allure of travel, of writing about places which seem so heavenly and yet you would find it to be of our earth itself, appeals to me. My dream job would be to write travelogues for a living. The reason is that I can never get enough of the beauty that certain places have, whether it is a small town or the lush greens of the mountains. Through travelogues, I want to raise awareness about our planet and how necessary it is for us to understand our climate, to help people identify and tackle the threats of global warming and climate change and to help our earth be safer and better for humanity.


– Pradipta Dey, Amity University, Kolkata.

Growing up, I saw the immense relief on my dad’s face whenever his chartered accountant (CA) was around. Our CA managed everything from filing Income Tax Returns (ITR) and handling GST to providing crucial financial advice. In our Marwadi family, tracking expenses was overwhelming, but our CA always saved the day. Watching my dad struggle to find time for himself and our family due to business demands and then seeing the peace he gained by delegating such financial tasks to his CA was inspiring.

The entrepreneurial zeal is in me, and becoming a CA aligns perfectly with it. The CA profession prepares you for business management and execution. Despite the immense effort and rigorous study required, the reward of providing invaluable services like auditing and ensuring financial accuracy is worth it. Helping others find balance and stability while supporting entrepreneurial ventures is why being a CA is my dream career.

-Rajshree Rathi, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata.

As a Communication Design student at NIFT, I am exploring my passions, from capturing aesthetic pictures to rebranding concepts and creating unique digital brands. Initially, I aspired to be an actor, driven by a love for Bollywood. My journey has now led me to a deep appreciation for design, sparking a vision to establish an advertising agency that includes production services. This venture would allow me to blend creativity with my childhood dream, merging design with the dramatic flair of being on camera. Through this path, I aim to bring innovative and visually compelling narratives to life.

-Sanjana Pattankar, NIFT, Bhubaneswar.

A year into my journalism and mass communication program, I’ve realised my true calling towards storytelling. I’m breaking free from the desk to freelance and travel, finding inspiration in everyday life and culture, both the mundane and the unique. My dream is to share authentic local stories passed down through generations – the kind grannies tell their little ones at bedtime, like tales of headless ghosts with a taste for fish and many more.

I want to write about the stories we see every day but rarely find in writing – the everyday usuals, regulars, and occasions that make life worth living. I believe stories have the power to change us, and I’m just excited to be part of this journey. Maybe someday, I’ll be the main character in someone else’s story about storytelling.

-Ayusmita Chatterjee, Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata.

While most students dream of corner offices, I’m energised by the idea of building something new. Building a business from scratch that’s what gets me fired up. I am fueled by conversations and a thirst to solve real-world problems. Research is my forte, but it’s not all about books. I love talking to people, understanding their struggles, and crafting creative solutions. As a musician myself, I’m putting this explorer mindset into action with Raahe.co, a startup platform I’m building to help young musicians chase their musical dreams. This is more than a dream; it’s an adventure. And who knows, maybe someday this platform will be the reason a young artist breaks through – that’s the kind of story I would love to be a part of! It’s the thrill of innovation, the impact, and the endless possibilities that drive me.

-Tanish Raj, Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Three years ago, all I knew was that I craved an escape from the monotony of life. I yearned to explore new experiences, meet new people, and encounter fresh perspectives. This yearning, I believe, is what drew me to the field of journalism. The world is brimming with untold, unheard, and often marginalised stories. I am driven to uncover them and amplify these silenced voices.

Through careful consideration and a growing desire to contribute to social progress, I discovered my niche within developmental journalism. Now, I embark on this journey with the ambition to leave a lasting impact on society. I aspire to touch millions of lives through the power of my journalistic endeavours.

-Sahanubhuti Krishnan, Delhi School of Journalism, Delhi.