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Road network in Himachal got a boost during Jai Ram’s tenure

Gyaneshwar |

The contribution of roads is very essential for the development of any country or state. They are the lifeline for the economic prosperity of a region. Himachal Pradesh whose fair amount of revenue comes from Tourism is an absolute necessity.

However, the geographical conditions of Himachal are quite challenging. Road construction is difficult and risky as many areas are cut off due to heavy snowfall in winter. Despite all odds during the tenure of the Jai Ram government, so far 3 thousand 795 km of new roads have been constructed in the state.

Hundreds of villages in the state are connected by roads today. In this, 3 thousand 527 km of ‘motor-able’ roads have been constructed, while 268 km of roads are ‘jeep-able’. Himachal Pradesh Government has so far constructed 268 bridges. It is also tarring 6 thousand of 610 km of roads.

This is in contrast to the road construction during the congress regime from January 2013 to December 2017. During the five-year tenure of Virbhadra Singh, only about 3,000 km of roads were constructed. While 3 thousand 795 km of roads have been built in the present government, 255 bridges were built during the time of Congress, while the present government has built 13 more bridges so far.