Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has not been employed in a managerial role since December 2018 but has been busy doing commentary and interviews. In one such interview. Mourinho has taken a dig at another former manager of the Red Devils, Louis van Gaal.

As part of this particular interview, the Portuguese participated in a simple game in which all he had to do was to identify quotes from football managers and movie stars. The first quote that he was given to identify was that of Van Gaal. Notably, the Dutch national was the manager of the Manchester United team prior to Mourinho and was sacked after being the manager for two seasons.

The quote which was given to Mourinho was, “When I think I have made an error, it can cause me a sleepless night. But that only happens rarely.”

Soon after Mourinho read the quote, he was quick to reply, “That’s a manager! You know, somebody with a big ego for sure. So a manager.”

When he was told that he had answered correctly and the quote belonged to Louis van Gaal, the 56-year-old stated, “Ah, understandable.”