The former explosive Indian opener Virender Sehwag on Friday said that Indian Premier League has emerged as one of the biggest and favourite cricket leagues in the world.

Sehwag believes that IPL is the biggest tournament because every single cricket player across the globe wants to play in IPL.

“The IPL is the biggest league in the world and one of the favourites (among various leagues) in the world, because a single player, who is playing cricket, anywhere in the world, wants to play in the IPL,” he said.

“So that shows that the credibility and publicity of the IPL are so big that even an uncapped player, who is a player of some other country, wants to play in the IPL.”

While talking about another popular cricket league such as Big Bash, CPL and BPL, Sehwag said, IPL is big because of cricketers from different nations play in this league. Unlike, Big Bash, CPL or BPL where there are no players playing from India.

“The IPL is the biggest because all nations’ players are playing in the IPL, which you would not find in any other (cricket) league such as Big Bash, CPL or BPL, where Indian players are not there.

“That’s why those leagues are not as big. Only in the IPL, all world-class players are playing and that is why IPL is the best in the world,” Sehwag further added.