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Virat Kohli will go past Sachin Tendulkar’s record: Glenn McGrath

Kohli at present is in a zone where nothing seems to be impossible for him.



Indian skipper Virat Kohli is also popularly known as the ‘run machine’ due to his explosive batting style. Kohli at present is in a zone where nothing seems to be impossible for him. He is at such a stage that every single run that he scores leads to one record or the other.

Meanwhile, the talks about whether Kohli can surpass cricket great Sachin Tendulkar’s record has been going on for quite some time now. And Glenn McGrath is the newest person to join the debate.

Talking to the Hindu, the legendary Australian player McGrath said, “If he continues to bat the way he is doing now, he could well go past Sachin’s records.”

McGrath further said that he doesn’t believe in comparing different eras. “I don’t like to compare eras. Every era makes its own demands and the pitches, generally, are better for batting these days. Sachin, on his day, could decimate attacks. Kohli is a very attacking batsman too.”

Virat Kohli is among one of those players whose average in all format of the game (Test-53.40, One Day Internationals-58.10, T20I-50.84) is more than 50.

McGrath also revealed if he would to bowl Kohli what tactics he would use. “Kohli is solid technically, has an aggressive attitude, goes about his cricket with passion and I would like to play on his mind, prevent him from scoring freely.”

“And I would bowl an in-between length to Kohli, neither too full nor too short and cramp him for room.”

With the way Virat is going, it seems as if there is no record in the cricket world that Virat cannot achieve. However, the former Aussie player believes that even Virat Kohli can make mistakes and bowlers need to cash it.

“For instance, you could have an aggressive field and bowl a defensive line. There are areas to score but the ball is not there to be hit. It forces mistakes.”

“The length for this depends from wicket to wicket and from batsman to batsman. When I bowl this line, I would want a full slip cordon. There is nothing worse for a bowler than to see the ball going through an empty area in the cordon.”