After football star Lionel Messi’s accusation of “fixing” against CONMEBOL, an Argentine member of the highest court of sports advised him to apologise for his harsh comments made during the Copa America.

It is to be noted that Messi may well receive a harsh punishment from CONMEBOL, the institution which governs football in South America after he accused the federation of “fixing” the Copa America in favour of Brazil.

The court member’s suggestion is for Messi to somehow evade the harsh punishment which can be up to two years of ban in International football.

Notably, Argentina had to face defeat against Brazil in the semi-final of the tournament. In this match, a couple of penalties were denied to Argentina even when the replays showed that the decisions could have been given in Argentina’s favour.

Post the match, captain of the Argentina team, Messi, heavily criticised the refereeing in his post-match comments and press conferences. However, the issue got to the boiling point when the Argentine accused CONMEBOL after Argentina had defeated Chile to get the Bronze title.

After the game, Messi said, “I think the cup is fixed for Brazil. I hope that the VAR and the referees have nothing to do in this final and that Peru can compete because they have the team to do so although I think it’s difficult.”

Leo also went on to suggest that the red card he received in the match against Chile was not because of what happened in the field but because he had criticised the umpires.

”I’d advise Messi to apologize because they’re going to shake him with a sanction,” Gustavo Abreu, an Argentine member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport told local Club Octubre radio. ”He should apologize so they don’t hit him with everything.”

Abreu also suggested that the Argentine Football Association could perhaps ask Messi to apologise on their behalf.

Although no decision has been made yet, it is extremely likely that CONMEBOL could punish Leo for his harsh comments.

It is to be noted that if Messi is indeed given a ban, he would not be able to feature in either the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers or the 2020 Copa America.

With him turning 34 by then, it would be extremely difficult for him to make a comeback then.