Day after Sourav Ganguly made a statement that he was not worried about losing two points to Pakistan but wanted to win the World Cup, unlike his former teammate Sachin Tendulkar who does not want India to forfeit the match, the former clarified that his statement had nothing to do with Sachin’s statement.

“A lot of people in the media is trying to put my statement against sachin s when I said “I want the World Cup”My response has got nothing to do with his statement, nor is my statement against his…,” Ganguly tweeted tagging Sachin.

He added that Sachin “is, has been and will be one of my best friends”.

In the wake of the Pulwama terror attack that killed over 40 CRPF soldiers, and Pakistan-based and supported Jaush-e-Mohammed took responsibility of the suicide strike, India has been debating if they should play Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup in United Kingdom.

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Speaking at a promotional event in Kolkata on Saturday, Ganguly had said: “He (Sachin) wants two points against Pakistan, I want the World Cup.”

His response came two days after Sachin said he would not like India to forfeit two points to Pakistan by not playing them at the upcoming World Cup tournament staring on in May. The India Vs Pakistan group stage match is scheduled to be held on 16 June.

The celebrated Bengal cricketer had earlier also called for severing all sporting ties with Pakistan.

“This is a 10-team World Cup and each team plays matches against every other team. If India doesn’t play a match in the World Cup, it won’t be an issue,” he had said.