Welsh football coach Ryan Giggs has stated that a rather serious-looking injury to new Manchester United signing Daniel James in the match between Wales and Croatia was in fact nothing more than “acting”.

In this surprising revelation made by the Welsh boss, he explained that James was not knocked out in a challenge with Domagoj Vida but was only wasting a few minutes on the football pitch while receiving attention.

“Dan James went down and stayed down with a bit of acting really, but the medical staff went over and he was compos mentis,” Giggs told Sky Sports network.

“Then at half-time, we did all the (concussion) tests and he was fine.”

He further went on to explain the situation after the match was over.

“He stayed down and was a bit streetwise. He told the doctors ‘I’m not moving, I’m just sitting still’.

“Not to get anyone sent off, he was just using his nous.”

Giggs explained how Daniel James himself had clarified the situation after the final whistle.

“There was a few tackles flying in but you always expect it in these games,” he said.

“I’m fine. I think he just caught me in the head but I didn’t get knocked out, fortunately.”

There was panic in and around the stadium as James appeared motionless on the football ground but is now expected to feature for Manchester United’s crunch game against Liverpool.