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Rohit Sharma embraces heartfulness meditation

Rohit Sharma said he wants to bring some of my teammates to this place, one as a pristine getaway and two as a place for meditation.

IANS | Hyderabad |

Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma took to heartfulness meditation as he visited the global headquarters of Heartfulness in Kanha Shantivanam at Chegur near Hyderabad on Friday.

The leading batsman accompanied by his wife Ritika met Kamlesh Patel also known as Daaji, the guide of Heartfulness, understood how Heartfulness meditation system works and undertook a meditation session from Daaji.

“As soon as I entered Kanha Shantivanam I felt an environment of positivity. It’s very true when you are close to nature there is so much positivity and meditation will be more impactful. My experience with heartfulness meditation has been amazing and I felt so light and so positive. There is so much negativity around and we need to increase positivity and meditation can certainly help,” according to a statement quoting Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma said he wants to bring some of my teammates to this place, one as a pristine getaway and two as a place for meditation.

“I know kids and youth want to have fun but it’s important that meditation has to be on the top of the list that is how one can be aligned and stay in the game and can make the right decision and it is very important to be in the zone.”

“I am delighted that he has embraced heartfulness meditation and this should also inspire many more to turn to meditation as a way of life to bring about balance in their lives,” said Daaji.

As a part of his day-long trip, Rohit Sharma laid the foundation stone for the cricket stadium and training centre to be used by the students of the Heartfulness Learning Centre. The cricket stadium is named after Rohit Sharma.

“Rohit Sharma like all great achievers in the world is an example of what the human mind is capable of doing when it becomes focused. It is quite apt for a cricketer of his like to lay the foundation stone for the cricket stadium here and I am confident that some of the students of Heartfulness learning centre, inspired as they are by his visit would one day emulate his feats,” said Daaji.

The Heartfulness Cricket Stadium is one amongst several infrastructural facilities being made available for the students of Heartfulness Learning centre and will allow them to train and play matches amongst themselves as well as competing teams.

The other activities of Rohit included plantation of tree, witnessing demonstration of astounding feats of cognitive skills by Brighter Minds students, interacting with practitioners of heartfulness and extensive discussions with Daaji on various aspects of human excellence.