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Ramiz Raja bats for lie-detectors to catch corrupt

“The solution to this problem is very confusing,” Raja said.

SNS | New Delhi |

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja wished that cricket fraternity could use lie detection mechanism to catch players involved in the guilt of match-fixing.

Raja’s comments come after Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) banned wicketkeeper-batsman Shafiqullah Shafaq from all forms of cricket for a period of six years. Shafaq admitted four charges related to the breaching of ACB Anti-Corruption Code.

The same was confirmed in an official statement released by the board on Sunday.

Raja shared his views on his Youtube channel.

“I wish there was an instrument to calculate this intention, just like the temperature taking tools being used for the COVID-19. We could easily red flag players who could go on to become fixers,” he said.

“A lie-detector test could be used. Just as random samples are taken for dope testing, we should also conduct random lie-detector tests. We should do that in a regular-season to find out if players have ever been involved in match-fixing,” he further said.

“This is an outside-the-box idea,” he further said.

“The solution to this problem is very confusing. We have rules, laws, regulations and player education programs but if a player is intent on fixing then no one can stop them,” the former batsman added.

“Fixers can usually attack in two important parts of a career. They can attack at the end of someone’s career because they have nothing to lose. They can also attack at the start when a player is starting out because their minds are impressionable at that stage,” he concluded.