Post Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Manchester United in Sunday’s Premier League tie at Anfield, manager Jurgen Klopp termed the derby as “one of the best”.

“Good game, really good game. One of the best derbies we played for sure so far. Very dominant in most periods of the game,” said Klopp as quoted by club’s official website.

“I didn’t like too much in the first half the last five or seven minutes but nothing happened really, just we were not as dominant as before. We played outstandingly well, we dominated the opponent, we played exactly in the space we had to. When we saw the line-up it was pretty clear what they wanted to do,” he added.

Notably, United were so far the only team to prevent the Reds from winning in their previous 21 top-flight outings in 2019-20, but on Sunday the Red Devils failed to defy Klopp’s men of the three points.

Defender Virgil van Dijk drew the first blood in the 14th minute and Mohamed Salah killed the game in the 93rd minute.

“We scored from the set-piece but had other situations obviously. And then the start of the second half was absolutely brutal – wow. We jumped in and had, I don’t know, three, four chances at least and didn’t score. How it always is and how it often enough was now in that season, the opponent has the chance to come back. That’s what happened,” said the manager.

Liverpool with 64 points from 22 games so far top the table, maintaining a 16-point gap with second-placed Manchester City.