Pugilists Neeraj Goyat and Vikas Krishan have challenged Vijender Singh for a bout in November after the star boxer from Bhiwani called Neeraj a ‘kid’.

After registering his 11th win on the trot in the professional circuit by outplaying American Mike Snider in New Jersey recently, Vijender had said that Pakistan-origin British pugilist Amir Khan has been playing with ‘kids’ so far, purportedly telling Neeraj a kid.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event where he was felicitated for his recent win in the US, Vijender said: “I am always ready, you should ask him (Amir). He has been playing with ‘kids’ all these time. He was supposed to fight Neeraj Goyat, but our boxer got injured. Neeraj is junior to us. After that, he fought with some Australian boxer and won. As I said earlier, I maintain my stand that I’am any day ready to take him on… I just want to know when he will be ready (sic).”

Notably, both Amir and Vijender compete in different weight categories. The Indian pugilist’s weight category is higher than Amir’s.

Meanwhile, Vijender’s ‘kid’ comment did not go down with Neeraj, who tweeted: “Calling me kid @boxervijender. I’m the only Indian boxer who has defeated a world champion in his own country #canxu #china. I want you to face @officialvkyadav (Vikas Krishan) in me and @amirkingkhan undercard in november this year. Are you ready? (sic)”

Backing him, Vikas tweeted: “@boxervijender neeraj and @amirkingkhan are of same weight category let them fight. As @GoyatNeeraj said we are of same weight category,we must fight under their card in November this year. Let’s face each other in the ring (sic).”

(With inputs from PTI)