Former England skipper Nasser Hussain feels that the England cricket team is being a little too harsh on Alex Hales. He believes that Hales has served his time by missing out on the team’s iconic moment at Lord’s and now should be allowed to get back into the scheme of things.

Hales was reportedly shown the door at the England team for testing positive for recreational drugs prior to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. England then, in his absence, went on to lift their maiden title and Hussain believes that Hales cannot play a bigger price than missing out on that iconic moment.

He also stated that Eoin Morgan should now consider getting Hales back into the limited-overs squad.

“He did the crime but he has served the time and missed out on a World Cup win and one of the great days at Lord’s. Is that not enough of a price to pay?” Hussain said on the Sky Cricket Show as per Daily Mail. (via IANS)

“I feel Eoin Morgan is pushing this a fraction. It can’t be one rule for one and another for Alex Hales. I don’t know how he wins back trust from the team without being allowed back in the team. “How can he get back if they don’t give him another chance? They are being a little harsh now,” he added.

Earlier, Morgan had clarified that Hales would need to win back the trust of his teammates again to resume his international career.

“I’ve spoken to Alex and see an avenue for him to come back but when there’s a breakdown of trust the only healer is time,” Morgan had said.