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Liverpool players ‘ready to go’, says Jurgen Klopp ahead of Premier League clash against Everton

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp urged his players to be “100 per cent disciplined” to face the challenges that Everton will throw at them.

SNS | New Delhi |

Ahead of Liverpool’s first game against Everton on June 21 after the resumption of Premier League, manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted the players are “ready to go”. England’s top-flight football returned on Wednesday with Sheffield United taking on Aston Villa and Manchester City hosting Arsenal.

“We are ready to go, but we have to be ready to face problems because there will be problems. It is like it always was, it’s not new. In a football game, you have a plan for it and in the game, you have to force it through, or you have to adapt to another one or whatever. It will be exciting,” the club’s official website quoted Klopp as saying.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager urged his players to be “100 per cent disciplined” to face the challenges that Everton will throw at them. He also warned The Reds players to be aware of the style of play that Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti executes on the field.

“Look, when you analyse Everton now you have to look as well to Napoli or any other team because Carlo Ancelotti has a specific way he wants his team to play and he is long enough there now to push that through. So, it will be a football-playing side, they will play as much football as we let them.

“We have to find challenges, win challenges, use gaps, find gaps and all that stuff. We have to play through, we have to be 100 per cent disciplined, we have to be full of joy, we have to stay greedy before the game, in the game [and] after the game. That’s all what we need,” Klopp explained.

On being asked if the new rules allowing five substitutions will make him introduce more young players in the squad, the Champions League winning manager said that it would depend on how they perform in the training sessions.

“To be in the squad, for sure. To be on the pitch, we will see. It depends on the performance level they show. Our young lads usually looked brilliant in these four weeks now, really good. But it’s nothing to do with a bigger squad or more opportunities to change,” Klopp pointed out.