Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp Klopp on Saturday opened up about the players he adores the most.

Klopp, whose side currently are table toppers in the Premier League, revealed that while he is unfazed by most players, he was incredibly nervous when he met Brazilian legend Pele.

Speaking at the LFC foundation Gala about arguably one of the best footballer of all time, Klopp said, “My father always told me, whatever people say in the future, Pele was the best.”

“I met him actually when I was a pundit at the World Cup in 2006. I’m not the type of guy who gets nervous but I was sweating like crazy at that moment. So, for me, it was obviously Pele,” Klopp added.

The German footballer also said that the feeling that Pele’s presence gave him shows just how special he is.

“So, for me it was obviously Pele [the best of all-time].”

And when Klopp was asked about the most debated topic among the fans of current football generation – who among Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is best – he hinted that he preferred the Barcelona star over CR7.

“I only have one selfie on my smartphone,” Klopp said, before adding, “That’s with Messi, Cristiano [Ronaldo] was in the room as well!”

On Friday, Liverpool’s 2-0 win at Wolves ensured that the Reds extended their gap to four points at the top of the table.

“It was clear that the whole game would be difficult,” Klopp was quoted as saying after the match.

“Everybody wants to press. We want to be compact but wide as well which makes it difficult. We defended it pretty well. The heavy rain was difficult for both teams tonight,” Klopp added.

“It was a big fight. We knew that we needed to be ready.”