Jose Mourinho, the former manager of Manchester United, is aiming a return to football team management. He has already claimed that he will be working with an all new support staff and would love to manage one of the top clubs in Europe.

Now, in another interaction with Sky Sports, Mourinho has shed light upon how he had worked on his method during the time he was away from the game. He also said that he has started meeting his “future staff” and is ready to make a comeback on the field as a manager.

When asked about how he would manage to work with the new staff, Mourinho, who has experience of coaching teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid, said, “I’m thinking, I’m studying, I’m producing things all the time. I go to different sports and I analyse them, I meet my future staff because my future staff is going to be different than my previous because I think it is the moment for a few changes.”

“It is nothing from the personal point of view of course not, but in relation to the knowledge, to the motivation, I think it is a good time to do that,” he added.

“I meet with them, we speak, we analyse, we try to produce documentation that will be the base for the next work. We are always thinking so we will be ready.”

When quizzed about his sacking from Manchester United last season, he said, “I don’t have any regrets. I think if I have that, I think how can people who have won or achieved less than me survive.”

“You can always think, ‘Oh if I knew that then I could have done that’ but come on, I have had an amazing time. I’m still only 56, I’m still a kid. Charles Darwin taught me the best is not the strongest one, it is not the most intelligent one, the best is the one who best adapts to the change.”

“Change is not always for the better, sometimes change is for the worse. But it’s important to understand the change and adapt to it and I’m really thinking about that at the moment,” he concluded.