Italian football commentator Luciano Passirani has been suspended post his racist comments on Inter Milan striker and Belgian International Romelu Lukaku. The comments were made while he was on air on Sunday.

The same was confirmed by a report carried by Sky Sports. Luciano of TopCalcio24 was speaking on the Qui Studio a Voi Stadio show when he stated, “I don’t see any other player in Italy now like Lukaku. I really like him.”

“The only way to stop him is to say, ‘Here are ten bananas that you can eat’,” he had added.

His statement was perhaps hinted at another incident from the past in which Romelu Lukaku was targeted with monkey chants by fans.

The report carried by Sky Sports added that the Serie A disciplinary judge has not decided whether or not to punish Cagliari.

Earlier, AS Roma forward Edin Dzeko had also stated that there is far more racism prevalent in Italy than is being talked about or noticed. He also requested the football federation to some kind of action against the offenders.