Former Leicester City FC striker Iain Hume is of the opinion that the Indian Super League (ISL) is helping more and more young Indian players make a career for themselves in the realm of professional football. This is happening because of the investments made by the clubs and the league.

The 2016 ISL winner with ATK FC believes that the league is a massive jump for Indian football as the money generated from the tournament is going to benefit Indian football.

“People say top European leagues are only money-driven but that’s only because they are the best leagues in the world, if they were not, nobody would invest. It’s the times we are in. Same for the ISL, to make a career out of football, you have to take the chances that come. If you get offered a big contract, you have to take it. I have witnessed this especially in India. It is giving a lot of young Indian players a chance to make a career out of football,” Hume said in a Facebook Live with Sportskeeda.

“Indian players never used to have that opportunity. Even back as far as the first or the second ISL, players were finishing ISL, going and working in an office or a job. Now, they are getting the opportunity to play football for six-eight months of the season, and instead of going to the office, they can do coaching in an academy, there’s that opportunity,” he said.

“Although we speak of European football having far too much money, the ISL is at a point where they have money to be able to offer careers, rather than just eight months. I think that is perfect and that’s the way to catch up with the rest of Asia and world football. It’s brilliant the way they are doing it right now,” added the Canadian striker, one of the most successful players in the history of ISL.

Hume has netted 28 goals in 69 matches after spending most of his career in the Championship in England.

The 36-year-old added that ISL is making progress both financially and structurally which is a good sign for Indian football.

“They are learning a lot of things as they go along, that’s been evident, but they have been bettering things. It’s always progressing. There is not much of a standstill. Everything is going forward positively. That is great for ISL and even better for Indian football.”