Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has spoken about the necessity to remain fit and motivated during the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the latest segment of United Podcast, he also gave an insight into how he is planning to come back.

“We have got to stay motivated, there is no other choice. It is a period and we don’t know until when it will be like this, but I still have goals in my head and one day hopefully this [pandemic] will stop,” Pogba said as quoted on the official website of Manchester United.

“My advice first of all is to stay safe, stay at home and keep practising,” he explains. “There is always a way to work, you can work with anything you have at home, you can still do sit-ups, push-ups.”

Pogba, who has been out with injury for the most part of the season before it was postponed due to the novel coronavirus situation, revealed how he was keeping himself fit to be back on the field as soon as the situation gets normal.

“I have a little home gym in my house,” says the 27-year-old. “I can do some training, some running, some bike, go outside and do some things with the ball. I am just keeping busy and keeping healthy.

“And then we have to get back on the pitch, so we have to be ready. For myself, I have been out for a long time as well, so for me I just want to come back playing football.”

Pogba was at his usual best in United’s Premier League opener against Chelsea before getting injured within the first 30 days. It took him nearly a month to be back against Rochdale in Carabao and Arsenal in Premier League.

But the World Cup-winner with France was sidelined again for another month. He made a solid comeback against Watford in the festive period before a surgery took him out again from which he is yet to make a comeback.