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Everyone made ‘massive mistakes’, says Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool’s 6-1 defeat against Spurs

Jurgen Klopp was so taken aback by his team that he wore a bemused grin throughout the match before Liverpool succumbed to their worst-ever defeat in Premier League.

SNS | New Delhi |

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was an anguished man after his team suffered a shocking 7-2 defeat at the hands of Aston Villa on Sunday. It was The Reds’ heaviest-ever defeat in the history of Premier League.

Klopp was so taken aback by his team that he wore a bemused grin throughout the match before his players handed him the worst defeat of his managerial career. He admitted that the players committed “massive mistakes”.

“The strange result is yes, because Aston Villa played really well, but on the other side because we did in different areas particularly bad. That helps obviously not. Tonight, pretty much everybody made massive mistakes around the goals,” Klopp was quoted as saying on the official website of Liverpool.

“We have to take risks when we play offensively, that’s absolutely clear, that’s completely normal and that’s football. But you have to protect your risks, that’s normal as well, these situations. And we didn’t do that tonight. That means we had really nice chances, played really good football, came in the box, in moments were undefendable in the box, which is pretty rare. But each ball we lost, wherever it was, was a massive counter-attack and directly a real problem,” Klopp added.

The German manager has said that the kind of match like the one against Aston Villa shouldn’t happen again. Liverpool surrendered seven goals for the first time since 1963.

“Nothing what I could say tonight would help with that result. What should I be now? Completely outraged or something like that? Is it only a one-off? I would think so, I would like to think so, but that I cannot prove tonight. If people want to hear it, I can say it: that’s a one-off. The proof for that will be in the next couple of weeks and months and not because I say it tonight. A game like tonight should not happen, 100 per cen,” Klopp said.