Delighted with the performance of Manchester United in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Manchester City at Emirates Stadium, former Irish footballer and Red Devils striker Roy Keane said that he didn’t expect such a stunning performance from his former club.

“I absolutely did not see this coming,” Keane said as quoted by Sky Sports. “It was fantastic – a proper Manchester United performance. Lots of bravery and personality. They were outstanding.”

Notably, United in their previous Premier League tie had beaten Tottenham 2-1 on Thursday at Old Trafford.

“I don’t think beating Tottenham was a big deal at home, but that win today will give the players a lot of confidence as they have been criticised – nobody likes to be criticised,” Keane said, adding, “But hats off to Manchester United, whatever happens in January with the speculation, question marks over Ole, they were outstanding.”

After a brilliant first half on offence and the following half marked by their iron-clad defence, the Red Devils ultimately emerged from the Etihad Stadium with a terrific 2-1 win against City, courtesy Marcus Rashford’s first-half penalty and Anthony Martial’s precise left-foot strike within six minutes of the goal.

“This was a Manchester United performance,” said the Irish football pundit.

“It wasn’t all about how they countered attacked, it was how they managed the game, got blocks in and showed personality.

“I really enjoyed watching them – it’s what Manchester United is all about. But the key is to be consistent, week-in, week-out. Hopefully these young players will pick up on that,” he added.