Premier League side Manchester United have not won a trophy in six years. They have not had stable management either, with Manchester United changing as many as five managers since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson but no manager or tactic seems to be working for them. One of these managers, David Moyes, who could not help Manchester United lift a trophy during his stint, has now confirmed that he is interested in managing David Beckham’s forthcoming Major Soccer League enterprise, Inter Miami. He also stated that MLS excited him and that Inter Milan seems a good project.

“It is something which looks a really interesting project,” said Moyes to talkSPORT, a sports radio channel.

“I watch the MLS quite a bit and it is getting better. I don’t know how many people have seen Atlanta. The soccer team are getting more support than the NFL team.

“We talk about Tottenham’s stadium and that is incredible but wait until you see Atlanta’s stadium, it is unbelievable. So MLS is growing and Miami is a great city. It is something which I would consider as an option.

“Miami has got a bit of magic about it. Atlanta’s training centre is as good as anything in the Premier League and I know Miami are trying to do the same over there. MLS is an exciting league,” he concluded.

Notably, Moyes has not managed a team after he left West Ham at the end of 2017-18 Premier League season.