Swedish star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is never shy of making outrageous remarks, has indicated that Portugal star Cristiano is not the “real Ronaldo”. The 38-year-old said that “there is only one Ronaldo, the Brazilian one”.

Zlatan, who parted ways with LA Galaxy — a Major League Soccer club — at the end of this season, is likely to join Serie A club AC Milan.

When asked about whether he will find the real Ronaldo in case of a possible return to the Italian Serie A, the former Juventus striker told AS, “Will I find the real Ronaldo in Italy? None of it! There is only one Ronaldo, the Brazilian one.”

Talking about the Portuguese, Zlatan said, “He is not a natural talent, but the result of his work.”

Zlatan, who was in the Juventus team from 2004 to 2006 a stint whose end saw the Zebras getting relegated to Serie B, took a dig at Cristiano by telling that the Serie A award winner joined Juve when the club was at the helm.

“He signed for a team that won Serie A seven times in a row. Going to a club like that is not a challenge. If I really wanted a challenge, I should have gone to Juve when they were in Serie B to get it to Serie A and take it back to the top,” said the outspoken Swede.

In a recent interaction with GQ Italy, Zlatan had said that he was going back to Italy. He also went on to say that the club he would be joining was with a lot of history and one that needed to start winning again.

A club with history in Italy and one that has to win again is most likely to be none other than AC Milan for whom the star footballer has earlier played. However, the estimation is not backed by any official announcement.