Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone Tuesday said he was working on a game-plan to defeat Atletico’s rival Girona so that his side will advance to the Copa del Rey’s quarterfinals.

Atletico is set to host Girona Wednesday in the second leg of the two teams’ last of 16 stage matches; Girona and Atletico played to a 1-1 tie in the first leg on January 9, reports Efe news.

“The only thing that depends on me is trying to see reality. And (our) reality is Girona,” Simeone stressed at a press conference on the eve of the second leg clash.

“I live from training to training, from match to match and from day to day,” the Argentine coach said. “I am not far from finding a solution for how (Girona) could face us and who are the players who can hurt Girona (so we can) go through.”

Simeone added that the Catalan team had a better defence this season and that Girona was quick on he counterattack.