Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has overseen an incredible run of form in which the club has gone on a run of six straight wins and currently sits third on the Premier League table. This is despite the fact that the imposition of a transfer ban has forced them to promote a number of academy players to the first team.

Lampard seems to have implemented a strict disciplinary regime for the young squad, including a range of fines that vary according to the indiscretion, British media reports said. This includes a fine of a whopping 20,000 pounds for being late for training.

If a player fails to report an illness or injury before a day off or an hour and a half before training, he will be slapped with a fine of 10,000 pounds. Lateness for treatment and medical appointments or matchday departure incurs a fine of 2500 pounds.

A player will have to pay 1000 pounds if his phone rings during a team meal or meeting or if the player wears the wrong clothing for travel or on matchdays.

Late appearance in a gym can cost the player 1000 pounds while a failure to turn up to fulfil corporate or community duties or for not travelling back from a match in the team coach without giving 48 hours notice can all incur a fine of 5000 pounds.

The fines are doubled if not paid within 14 days and the money is reportedly going towards team activities and charities.