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Epitomising A Great Author

An evening at IIC presented its audience some of the best known plays by the renowned Hindi author Dharamveer Bharti. A review by Aruna Bhowmick.

Girl power to the fore

Bal Mitra Gram and Bal Panchayat are two initiatives of Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation that have helped children, especially girls, to fight against various issues that plague their villages. Whether it is campaign against child marriage, fight against child labour or for education, girls have played a leadership role.

BEWARE: The Locust Swarms are com-

The looming challenge of a locust invasion that could hit both India and Pakistan hard and lead to famine conditions in the threatened areas.

Town by the lake

Nestled beside the slopes of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, Neuchâtel is the charm in the crest of its eponymous lake, a gorgeous primitive littoral city with an opulent history and a delightful Old Town, says Rupali Dean.

Tackling essays

An important part of MBA admission is a well-written essay. Suchayan Mandal examines this often tricky segment that make a candidate's career.

Delivery boys: Ruling the roads

The delivery industry is growing very rapidly in India and generating a lot of employment. With the advent of multinational companies in India, is life really improving for delivery boys or are they working like robots? Rakesh Kumar finds out

The vanished nuances of the walled city

Painter M F Husain’s room at Naaz Hotel, behind the Jama Masjid, provided a bird’s-eye view of the whole area right up to the Red Fort and no wonder provided a lot of inspiration for his paintings.