Will AI tip the scales in this election?

What will be the deciding factor in the 2024 Lok Sabha Polls? Social media campaigns played a significant role in the 2014 election, and Artificial Intelligence could potentially replace traditional campaigning, impacting election results. Political parties and candidates now use AI to analyse voter data.

Renewing R2P

As the world marks mark the sombre anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, it is imperative to reflect on the legacy of this tragic chapter in human history and its profound implications for global peace and security.

Rethinking Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Vladimir Lenin, the architect of Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik revolution, politician and political theorist was considered as one of the most significant and influential figures of 20th century world history.

Ripple effects

The US Federal Reserve’s recent stance on interest rates has sent ripples of uncertainty through both domestic and international markets.

Numbers must count

India stands at a crucial juncture in its quest to harness the potential of its demographic dividend. Renowned economist and former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan’s recent remarks underscore the urgent need for concerted efforts to unlock the benefits of this demographic boon.

Creative Distraction

In the worldview of the indigenous people, happiness can happen in a community. There is a lot to learn from the cosmovision of the first nations doing more with less and pursue a paradigm of social and ecological commons which is community-centric, ecologically balanced and culturally sensitive

Afghan decree

“A woman is not a property, but a noble and free human being. No one can give her to anybody in exchange for peace, or to end animosity,”

Ecological Harmony

The Vedic, Jain, and Buddhist traditions established the principles of ecological harmony centuries ago through their quest for spiritual and physical symbiosis, synthesized in a system of ethical awareness and moral responsibility.

Democratic practices are in decline

In a special issue review for the Science Journal, Susan Hyde, professor of Political Science at the University of California, observes that democracies continue to shift from tailwinds to headwinds implying that the overall environment for fostering democracy continues to decline under adverse circumstances.

Dark minds

That the South has more serious cricketing centres than any other region, including the West, is an incontrovertible fact.It is just as good in hockey. In Kolkata football's glorious past, the “best-ever” quintet of frontliners East Bengal assembled featured only Southern Indians: P Venkatesh, M Apparao, K Dhanraj, Ahmed Khan and PBA Saleh.