Government Note On Bombay Police Report
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, July 21

There was recently a discussion in the Bombay Corporation regarding motor accidents, which revealed anxiety on the subject akin to that shown by similar questions in the Bengal Legislative Council lately in regard to Calcutta. The Bombay police report, of which extracts were telegraphed yesterday, showed that motor vehicles were involved in 230 accidents in Bombay streets in 1912, against 212 in 1911, and that the number of fatal accidents was 18. Government in their review of the report say: "Regret to notice still further rise in number of street accidents. No fewer than 58 persons were killed and 1,255 injured during the year. Tram-cars and motors were responsible for exactly half the fatal cases and for slightly more than half the remainder. Measures are under contemplation for strengthening the hands of the police in dealing with dangerous motor driving, but it must be admitted that the careless habits of pedestrians, who are apt to disregard all precautions in crossing or using thoroughfares crowded with traffic, contribute to accidents in a very considerable degree."


Storm Disappearing
(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, July 21

The storm has moved into the neighbourhood of Jacobabad and is now disappearing. It has given some heavy rain in Sind and Mount Abu. Except in the region affected by the storm, there has been considerable decrease in rainfall.
Rainfall has been nearly general in Lower Burma, east of United Provinces, and Sind; fairly general in Bengal and West coast, and local in the Punjab Kashmir, Rajputana, and Gujrat.
A few falls also have occurred in Chota Nagpur, Mysore and the Bombay Deccan.
Victoria Point and Diamond Island report three inches; Rangoon four; Barisal one; Jalpaiguri one and a half; Lucknow two; Multan one; Hyderabad and Sind six; Karachi four; Jacobabad a quarter; Mount Abu six; Mercara two; and Calicut one and-a-half.
Forecast:- A decrease in rainfall in Sind.