Actress Ruby Rose now owns over a hundred lipsticks. 

The Orange is the New Black actress used to have a limited supply of cosmetics, with certain colours for specific occasions, but she now loves experimenting with different make-up looks according to her mood, reports 

"I used to have 10 lipsticks, one for a sporty day, one for lunch with girlfriends, one for DJing. I wasn’t thinking outside the box. Now I have 100. It’s like ‘The Hunger Games’ inside that box, all fighting to be my colour for the day,” the Glamour magazine quoted Rose as saying. 

Rose also loves a sculpted brow and is thankful that hers are still intact after the experiments she did on them when she was younger. 

"I like a strong brow for my androgynous side. When I was growing up, I’d buy British magazines and when I was obsessed with East 17, I shaved slits in my brows. Thankfully, some eyebrow God gave me my brows back,” the 30-year-old said.