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How to use aromatherapy at work

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Stress at work place can be detrimental not only to your body and health, but can also upset your mental and emotional well being. Hence, it is important to de-stress with regular walks and exercise or a good break from work and do just nothing. Physiotherapy and a visit to a good spa can do wonders. And, aromatherapy that uses scented essential oils too can heal body aches, ease the stress and cool the mind.

Work pressure often make you spend long hours on computers, constant exposure to harsh lighting, chemicals, uncomfortable sitting position, sometimes, negative environment among others. These factors trigger stress and many health problems such as headaches, lethargy, mood and sleep disturbances, upset stomach, loss of sense of humour, irritability, depression and disturbed relationships with family and friends. Other symptoms include making repeated errors, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling defensive or angry inside. All these affect productivity at work.

Aromatherapy is a good stress-buster and can help rejuvenate you and enhance productivity at work. Inhaling different essential oils can a