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Plea to save Mother EARTH

I am referring to the time earlier when Darjeeling was in its pristine state. During the time when Darjeeling was described as a lovely, beautiful forested land, when she was worthy of being called the 'Queen of Hills' … Darjeeling's corrugated hills were beautiful until they were touched by the corrupt minds of humans.

Nationalism and the idea of India

Conversely, in the present scenario, the idea of nationalism propagated by Tagore might be deemed controversial as we are witnessing various narratives of nationalism which are stringent in their outlook and do not want to compromise with their set idea or version of nationalism.

Eklavya’s kinship with ancient North Bengal

Eklavya, a character from the longest recorded epic Mahabharata, who disparages the heroic greatness of Arjuna, the gallant conqueror of the great epic and gleams with his chivalry, his sacrifice, and his devotion to the preceptor, somehow had a kinship with the ruler of ancient North Bengal, which was famously known as Pundravardhana in the primordial period.

A major contemporary thinker

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, one of the most celebrated economists in the world, pens his thoughts and asks pertinent questions inhis narrative, The Idea of Justice.

Ancient NB in Epics, Myth, LITERATURE

The Aitareya Brahmana (seventh century BCE) was the most primitive work that specifically mentions Pundra, and in this text, the reference to the Pundra was in the sense of people who lived in the northern part of Bengal.

Protecting Himalayan rivers

Saving the Mahananda and other rivers from synthetic waste, which is mostly deposited by tourists, becomes pertinent to provide inhabitants and animals with essential resources like clean drinking water.

A virulent predator

Timothy Winegard's book sheds light on how malariacausing mosquitoes have played the role of mankind's most fierce enemies and changed the course of history.

The PUJO SPIRIT begins

Like every year, organising committees of different pujas in North Bengal have enthralling ideas up their sleeves that are ready to lend every worshipper a great experience.