An independent music label by the name of Guin Records run by siblings Milan and Misha Kordestani, caters to new artistes from the Hip-Hop and R & B genre.

Guin Records was formed inside the college dorm of Milan not only for his love for music but also to help bring out unheard talent to the world.

On his business partner and sister Misha, he adds “She has an incredible ear for recognizing a hit song. She can spot the next best thing a mile away”. The label provides production, promotion and distribution services to Hip-Hop and R&B artists. They have yet to sign any artists as they aimed to break into the business putting music first, then focusing on hiring the right personnel and signing artists. Guin Records has already set their future plans in motion by looking for artists to sign to their roster and providing them with a much larger global outreach program.

The label intends to bring into limelight musicians and talent that often goes unnoticed.