What do you think is needed to create change in something which is being followed for long.? Well, it’s a simple answer, a foresight. This is what is needed to create a change. It’s like the simple use of management in what we are working. I hope everyone out there has heard about management and if they know management, they know SWOT analysis. The same shows how to have a foresight and take care of the upcoming opportunities by working on our strength and weaknesses.

Same was the answer of Suumit who in a recent interview said that demand of anything out there can only be known if we know what an industry lack. Lack creates an idea, and idea creates more ideas to fill its gap. This is exactly my dear where a mind starts working and after efforts in the right place, a change occurs.

On talking further, he considers also to have made a start in the same way as mentioned above. Like from one place to another. He shifted his focus from lack to gap filling ideas, i.e., from marketing employee (working for companies like Housing (dot) com and TinyOwl (Dot) com to tech entrepreneur. For sure his ideas and method clicked on the right place and they worked, whose results can be seen in the change.

The marketing demands and lack in same were well known by Suumit and therefore it didn’t take a minute to decide what he actually wanted to work on. My idea of Risemetric started from here.

In Nov 2014, the month when the same website started providing its customers with varied SEO services like trafficking in the customers towards what was their supply. Hence, making the business a profitable idea. Not only this, the website also offered more services like the ones named pay per click service, organic long-term SEO, app development, App Store optimisation, etc. and the business flourished by making other marketers out there who lacked behind others started to get on their pace by getting this little help from these service providers. Some of the service takers were huge companies like Sony, McDonald’s, etc. all those who thrived to get such service at such low cost.

So, in this way, Suumit’s idea to provide the people of his country service at an affordable price became a success and started creating a path for him.

To a matter of fact, Suumit is surely a hardworking soul and knew to stop will create a barrier and this after years might get difficult to cross. So instead of a pause, he started again and this time worked harder together with Mr. Subhash Choudhary, who shared the same ideas and thought as his. Their hard work finally led to the launch of another website named rankz.

This website wanted to serve its customers in a new way, a suite wherein all that is needed was brought at one place. something which was unique to the Indian market at low price attracted the eyes and there they levelled up again, with hopes and desires to cross the national boundary.

USA and Spain, two places now became the focus areas of these people and they covered the same too. They started with low, earning expectation of 1000 USD but on today’s date, the business earns more than 34,000 USD.

The business on today’s date have 250+ happy clients, 270k words tracked and near about 600+ press releases. The price too is affordable by all, which business wouldn’t afford to have this world-class service.? Well, this is the best what one can get in such a costly market.

Overall by all the success rate of Suumit it can be seen that they are standing tough among the competitors and will remain the same with their head held high.

People like Suumit are totally meant to aspire to inspire. He also offered young India with a small piece of advice- “See what others can’t, only this is how we get to know what world’s demand.”