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World Environment Day: Cafes and restaurants join #RefuseTheStraw campaign

The city eateries are joining hands to restrict the use of plastics by adopting the #RefuseTheStraw campaign. 

SNS | New Delhi |

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5, is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and one of the hashtags trending in keeping with the spirit of the campaign is #RefuseTheStraw.

Last year, Bengaluru and Mumbai authorities had issued an official notice of banning plastic, and this year Delhi is following the trend. The national capital issued a similar directive in an effort to reduce plastic use.

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The city eateries are joining hands to restrict the use of plastics by adopting the #RefuseTheStraw campaign. Plastic straws, in particular, are a major source of pollution; they are one of the top 10 items found during beach cleanups. They create pollution at every stage of their existence — be it manufacturing, usage or disposal.

The eateries are doing this in collaboration with NGO Chintan, a leading organisation working on solid waste management in Delhi. Chintan is part of the official World Environment Day celebrations.

The popular mall of South Delhi-Select CityWalk has pledged to remove all plastic straws and sachets from its food court which has nearly about 50 restaurants.

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Here are the lists of cafes that are rising to the theme of this Environment Day.

The Beer Café: They have launched #RefuseTheStraw by removing all plastic straws from its outlets across the country. Under the initiative, the brand will no longer serve plastic straws. Paper straws will instead be served, that too upon customer request. The move is aimed at discouraging the habit of using straws while having a drink and using more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic if absolutely required.

The Little Door: The restaurant recommended guests to recycle their straws, that is, use the same one for their next round of cocktails.

The Bagel Shop: The restaurant has also stopped supplying plastic straws in deliveries. For those who insist on using a straware offered paper straws. The chain has also recently collaborated with several leading NGOs across India for recycling pet plastic bottles under its World Environment Day campaign.