Roses are just perfect for Valentine’s Day as they help to express love and feelings that sometimes become difficult to convey through words to special ones. Roses come in myriad colours. You can even find different shades of one colour. Every colour and shade has a different meaning. However, they all symbolise friendship, love, care, affection and romance. Choose the right hue for your special moment with someone very close to your heart.

Here is the list of rose hues and the messages they convey:

Bright red rose: This bright red rose is the perfect way to tell your special one that you are in love with him/her. It expresses the deepest and purest of love. However, a burgundy rose indicates one-sided love of the person presenting the rose to whom he loves. The number of red roses also has meaning. A single red rose is given to the love of your life. Two red roses tied together symbolises an engagement. A bunch of dozen is given to a person whom you want to show gratitude. 25 roses represent congratulations message. 50 roses symbolise unconditional love.

White rose: White rose lays the foundation of marriage as it represents loyalty, purity and innocence of emotions that a married couple bestows to each other. It celebrates the newly founded beautiful relationship between couples. White rose promises for the new beginnings with clarity, honesty and sincerity.

Yellow rose: The sunshine hued rose is perfect to send to friends. It exhibits the joyful and true bond between friends. Yellow rose primarily symbolises true friendship. It also indicates happiness and caring. However a yellow rose with red tips indicates that you are falling into love from friendship with the person to whom you are presenting this rose. Yellow roses are also given to newlyweds, new mothers and graduates. They can also be given to them for whom you do care. On the contrary, in some countries, this colour shows jealousy and a decrease in love.

Lavender rose: Lavender roses are extremely unique and they stand for their exclusivity. Lavender hued rose expresses a unique feeling and intense love. These roses can be presented to someone with whom you are madly in love. It’s a way to show your loved one that he or she is invaluable in your life. This rose also gives an impression of mystery, magic and impossibility.

Pink rose: Pink roses come in various shades each having a different meaning. Light pink rose expresses admiration and gentleness. Dark pink signifies gratitude and appreciation. If you want to thank someone, you can present them with dark pink roses. A medium pink rose is multipurpose. It can be given on various occasions. If you want to congratulate someone or want to cheer up a friend who is in grieve or pain or you are in love for the first time, you can give a dark pink rose on these occasions to tell what is in your heart.

Peach rose: Peach rose is elegant, delicate and charming. The breath-taking colour signifies warmth and undeniable modesty. It can be given to a person whom you are missing very much. This rose also celebrates the closing of a deal. The subtle hued flower can be presented to someone to show appreciation and gratitude.

Of course, all the roses irrespective of their hues are the ultimate symbol of love and affection but they sure do confuse a lot. All look so pretty irrespective of their colour but every colour has its own perspective to look at it. You can include a card with the thoughts in your own words that come from your heart. It can also pass on the clear message that your flower conveys.