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International Dance Day: Five unique dancing styles you can learn

SNS | New Delhi |

Some of the names that often come to one’s mind when asked about dance are salsa, hip-hop, ballet and even contemporary. But, did you know that there is a dance form that is inspired by the Vogue magazine. Yes, that is called Vogueing. On this International Dance Day, here are some of the unique and bohemian dancing styles one can learn:

Paso Doble: At first look, one would think it is Salsa, mainly because of the moves and liveliness of the dance. However, Paso Doble has its origins in Spain. Paso Doble dance has been inspired by Spanish light music, which means double-step. It was, in fact, incorporated into the Spanish infantry and is modelled around the sound and movements in bullfights. These days, Paso Doble moves are used in ballroom performances and even at ice skating competitions.

Merengue: This is definitely for the romantics. In meringue, partners have to hold themselves in closed positions. Inspired by Dominican music, Merengue is much like other ballroom dance forms, though; the tempo is faster and more dramatic. After Merengue music was made, the official music of Dominican Republic, the dance form has been referred to as the national dance of the country at many occasions.

Polka: Now who would have thought that Polka could be a dance form and not just dots on your clothes? But Polka is true to its origins- Bohemian. While not so popular at this side of the world, Polka is performed extensively through Eastern Europe. While a typical ballroom dance form, Polka is known for its short half steps and its liveliness.

Blues dancing: Everybody has heard about Blues music, but Blues dancing is a different ballgame altogether. It is, in fact, a ballroom dance form, only to Blues music. Needless to say, the dance form developed alongside the rise of Blues music. Blues developed mainly out of the need for close, rhythmic dancing among African- Americans.

Vogue: This one has been inspired by the famous ‘Vogue’ magazine and gained further popularity when Madonna took it mainstream with her video ‘Vogue’. Unsurprisingly, the Vogue dance form involves integrating model-like poses into a dance with a lot of rigid arm and leg movements.