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Interesting ways to spend quality time with your kids being at home during Coronavirus spread

Be home as much as possible, pray for the world and find innovative ways to spend productive time with your children in fun way.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the world. The general advice these days is to stay at home as much as possible. And that’s for your own health first and then the people’s health around you. So what is the best way to spend your time while you are off from work and away from socialising? This time will provide you with a good opportunity to talk and catch with your children. Taking the time and effort to plan and schedule regular quality time is a good idea. It will enable your children to look forward to that time as well as enjoy it. Do not get lost in your phone. Rather find productive ideas to spend good time with your children.

Let’s talk about ways you can spend with your kids being home during coronavirus outbreak:

Do stretches together at home to start the day. It is the best morning routine to make sure you are banking those special moments together.

You may include your kids in the process of making breakfast. Make something of their interest so that they can get involved willingly. This way you can teach your children a new skill and preparing food.

Take beautiful selfies every day. They can be hilarious and a good memory for future.

Indulge in some kind of baking with your kids. Baking alone can make you feel like a chore. However, baking with your kids can be a special time spent together. If you bake with them, they will learn lots of useful skills in addition to getting that quality time with you.

Play some board games like ludo, carrom and chess. You can start a family game club. Indoor board games are actually fun. Simply split into teams and play. A game need not be complex to be amusing. These simple games are really cool to play.

Plan for a family movie time. You can turn down the lights, keep some boxes of popcorns and watch a special movie with your kids. Make it special planning ahead for some fun things like, you can arrange for some home-made snacks made with the help of your children to munch while watching the movie or you can serve popcorns in the paper boxes made and decorated by your children.

Have a family dance party. Teach your kids your old moves and learn from them their chic moves. Play some mood-elevating numbers and have fun dancing and copying their moves.

Plan for a family game night. Family fun nights are memorable events. These nights give a chance to build lasting memories together because they foster a sense of belonging. There will be a lot of laughter.

Spend some time at your rooftop together (if you do have it) and watch the stars lying there.

Set up candlelight dinner with your kids’ help. Light several scented candles and layout the home-made dinner beautifully. Keep your children involved in the whole process.

Take good advantage of this time being at home. Ensure you connect with your children in a positive and constructive manner. These ideas would not be something you will regret. Laugh together and strengthen your bond. Besides this, take all adequate precautions to protect yourself and others from this pandemic. Stay safe!