You may love hair and makeup, the styling, the improvisation for the touches of drama it creates. But come summer, even the most valiant stylist can get discouraged. The sun beats down and the weather swelters, makeup melts and even the glossiest mane is likely to blow up into a garish frizz bomb. In such cases, it is prudent for the style aficionado to depart from elaborate looks and aim for hip minimalism.

Scrutinising the recently culminated PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, there were quite a few hot-off-the-runway looks, devised by stylist Nabila that will work for this spring and summer. Here’s a look at some of the style statements that rocked the runway …

Put that knot on the top

top knot

The top knot is a quintessential summer hair style — frivolous, breezy and easy to manage. It isn’t, however, easy to master. “With the top knot, the correct placement is very important,” says Nabila. “It can’t protrude out of the head and it can’t be completely hidden at the back either.”

All through the first day of the PSFW, models on the catwalk sported tight little buns coiled atop their heads while the rest of their hair fell in glossy, sleek waves about their shoulders. “It took us quite some time to figure out the right angles,” says Nabila. But once mastered, this is the kind of style that can last through the day.

Ponytail it


Summer heat and ponytails go hand in hand and the ponytails on the runway swung low. Ponytails were pepped up with braids coiled around them or basket braids leading down to them. Some loose tendrils were allowed to frame the face to give a soft look.

Go wet

Slicked back, wet hair can look very glamorous — or can be an utter disaster. Use too much product, and the hair begins to look oily. Use too little and it falls lank.

“It’s just a great look and very manageable, summer or otherwise,” says Nabila. “It keeps the hair away from the face and, with the right makeup and can be statement evening wear.” The third day of the event was dedicated to the wet look as well as some very innovative makeup.

Glitter kick

glitter makeup

Eye makeup was all absolute the glitter kick, adding drama while the make-up on the rest of the face was kept natural-looking. Heavy doses of glitter accentuated the eyes in some cases and often, even the eyebrows were given a bling overdose.

“We also added chunky turtle eyeliner to the eyes. There were metal graphite bits bordering the eye. It was edgy, rebellious and quirky,” describes Nabila.

Bobs, bangs and layers

Bobs, bangs

Moving away from the runway, Nabila outlined some of the hairstyles and colours that are going to be the rage this year. “The boxy bob is a young, fun cut that looks great for women who like short hair. Curtain bangs also go well.

They are angular, finishing on the nose and can easily be pushed away or brought forward.” For long, straight hair, hidden layers can add volume without making it look as if there are layers within. “The hair loses its heaviness and becomes manageable,” says Nabila.

Bobs, bangs du jour

Bobs, bangs

Hair colour trends are oscillating from the avant-garde to the pretty and pleasing, says Nabila. A cherry brown hue adds gloss to the overall look. Butterscotch by-lights so that the hair varies from balayage to a very light hue give off a cool, cutting-edge vibe.

Also, chunky blonde bits dyed in the hair work well for the adventurous amongst us. “Why live in black and white when you can live in colour?” Nabila postulates. Why, indeed? It may just turn out to be a glittery, fashion-savvy, colourful summer!