Figs, honey and saffron have been popular around the world for centuries. They all are tasty and nutritious. In fact, all these ingredients may be helpful in treating a range of medical and beauty concerns. Consider adding them to your shopping list and try this amazing recipe of ‘Fig-Honey-Saffron Milkshake’. Besides providing your body with lots of nutrients and fibre, this shake will satisfy your taste buds and keep you feeling full longer.

Serves: 5

Preparation time: 15 minutes


Anjeer (dried figs):  10

Saffron:  ½ tsp

Honey:  5 tbsp

Chilled milk:  1 litre

Vanilla ice cream: 2 small cups

For garnishing:

Saffron strands: 10 (soaked in one tablespoon of water)


Soak figs for an hour in warm water and chop finely.

Soak saffron in four tablespoon of warm milk.

In a blender, blend together chilled milk, figs, honey, ice cream, saffron and few ice cubes till smooth and frothy.

Pour this milkshake immediately in five tall glasses. Garnish with two strands of saffron in each glass.

Serve chilled.

There are many great reasons to consider making this milkshake as a part of cold beverage served with breakfast or evening snacks. Simple awesome!