This is a time for individuality and uniqueness to shine through. Trendsetters are increasingly taking inspiration from their experiences and translating them into their spaces, while designers are focusing on really individualizing rooms based on personality and preferences.

This goes doubly for the bedroom – a very personal and intimate space that reflects your personality through both functionality and aesthetic. Being the room one is typically in at the start and end of each day, the elements in here should have a positive effect on you, and be warm and pleasing.

The latest take on bedroom is mixing and matching different styles and inspirations to get that perfect flow. From retro art-deco patterns to traditional motifs, modern minimalistic spaces to vibrant flashes of pop, local and traditional designs to global influences – the sky is the limit today when it comes to developing a style for the bedroom.

For those who prefer a simpler, more muted style that is still full of character, we have our Luxvara collection. Luxvara is a collection of elegant and subtle patterns in chic colours with metallic accents, perfect for a minimalist yet sophisticated home. With hand-painted motifs and delicate silk wovens, these timeless and graceful fabrics have been developed with innovative and rich effects. Special attention has been paid to texture here – from Ermine, which is a tactile delight, to Meridian, with its large form and flowing lines – the fabrics that make up the Luxvara collection are perfect to keep your bedroom looking spacious, welcoming, and refined.

Fantasia, as the name suggests, is a collection that brings in a little more pop in terms of design. Its vibrant designs in sophisticated colour pallets create a global, well-travelled story. Fantasia fabrics take you on a blossoming journey of ikats, joyful embroidery stripes, variegated silk paisleys, and floral prints. They range from lights sheers like Lily for windows, to welcome in the morning light to sturdier and more multipurpose options like Polka and Lou.

Delightfully, there is also a rising interest in strong, bold prints. Large, jumbo prints, with vivid depictions of nature, of scenery, of history and of places – aesthetics that transport the inhabitant of the bedroom to another place, another time, another feeling – are in great demand. You’re looking at creating an experience in your bedroom – where better to start with one of the most basic elements – the soft furnishing. This feeling is best reflected in our Meraki and Jamewar collections – striking, involved, and glamorous. A celebration of the creative forces, Meraki is the love child of creativity and the jungle. The large shadows of palms trees in Madagascar, mixed with quirky elephant parades of Kaudulla and zooming strokes of metallic light, make for a delightful and narrative collection of fabrics. Jamewar, a glorious melding of astonishing metallic touches, sumptuous feels, and global inspiration, brings home an experience in itself, be it Ming or Wodeyar.

The cookie-cutter décor is definitely out – the interest in blind stamping from lookbooks is waning. People are focusing on the individual elements of their spaces, carefully curating and combining aspects to put together their special aesthetic that is also functional, particularly in the bedroom.

Abhay Jaipuria, Partner, Vaya Home