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New Year resolutions to keep yourself fit in 2020

Making a healthy lifestyle requires an immense amount of discipline, will power, patience and adaptability year after year

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy. However, following them religiously spread over months and months in everyday life is difficult. They are something you figure out at the beginning of the year and forget about after a few days or weeks. As the days pass, following your New Year’s resolutions gets difficult and they fade away gradually.

With the passing of each year, you get older. So, maintaining the level of your health and fitness gets trickier. Be ready to adapt and stick to your New Year’s resolutions to keep yourself fit forever.

Start following an easy and practical morning routine: Whenever you wake up, spend 15 minutes for any type of workout/yoga and five minutes for meditation. These 20 minutes may be the most important part of your daily routine to set you off for another energetic and cheerful day. That’s why you need to take out 20 minutes from your daily regimen. Keep it simple and relaxing. Then have a shower and eat a healthy breakfast.

Sit less and move more during the day: If your lifestyle includes sitting for 80-90% of the day, your risk for the number of diseases increases to a large extent. So you should get up and walk at least a few 100 steps every hour. It takes only a few minutes and these few minutes count a lot to remain fit.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day: Reach for a glass of water instead of food more frequently. Drinking more water can lead to great physical and mental health. It can help you lose your weight and replenish your skin and hair. It can curb your frequent hunger pangs preventing you from grabbing some easy junk food to satisfy your hunger.

Spend some time outside to get some fresh air and sunshine: A little fresh air and sunshine can help improve your physical health, mood, concentrating efficiency and vitamin D intake. It can pull you away from health issues, stress and anxiety. So spend 15 minutes outdoors every day to rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally.

Adopt some stress-relieving habits and indulge in them passionately: It is a good way to vent out stress and decompress yourself. You can get into some sport activity of your choice or do meditation, yoga, painting, cooking or anything you love to do.

Eat right: Load your diet with colourful vegetables and leafy greens. Minimize relying on outside or packaged food. Eat home-cooked and healthy meals to improve the quality of your life. Kick the habit of eating sugary foods and drinking sugar-laden beverages. Grab a piece of fruit instead of having a bowl of any sweet dish. Start drinking your tea, coffee and lemon water without sugar.

Have a good night’s sleep: Your body recovers while you are asleep. Getting enough amount of sound sleep (seven to eight hours) every night has been linked to good physical and mental health and higher productivity.

Finally, you will need to make some resolutions with respect to your health for the coming year 2020 and learn to love them passionately. Take these resolutions as a delightful part of your day and life, something you enjoy rather than a chore to be completed.