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New Year gifts for your loved ones

It is always good to get a few small gifts for your closest friends as it becomes a memory.

SNS | New Delhi |

New Year is already here but if you’re heading for a first get-together, party or meeting someone special in the 2019, then you must be looking for some thoughtful gifts to give.

It is always good to get a few small gifts for your closest friends as it becomes a memory. Check off everyone on your list with these top of the mind unique gift items and then go ahead and pick one up:

Succulents Plants:

Succulents are the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners and they have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. With the right info, succulents are easy to care for, and succulent gardens and terrariums can brighten any indoor space.

Green tea:

With multitudinous health benefits, green tea has become one of the best health substitutes than our ordinary beverages. Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks that effectively affect your body. With numerous health tea bag options like Tetley, Organic India, Lipton green tea, etc, start your new year on a fresher note.


What could be a better gift set for your cricket crazy father, brother, or a friend than a unique ‘Willow’ scented deodorant which is a part of Virat Kohli’s newly launched range of fragrances? Willow from One8 fragrances contains the Pour Homme Eau De Parfum 100 ML +Perfume Body Spray 200 ML+ shower gel 100 ML. Long-lasting with high fragrance concentration to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long.

Table calendars:

When we are at the starting the year, you are sure to gift a few calendars for the year. While looking for gifts you can always order for a customized calendar that has the photos you can choose on every page. You have multiple options like a wall calendar, desk calendar, and single-page calendar. Just choose the pictures and order this beautiful New Year gift from Archies.