Monsoon brings with it a welcome respite from the heat and yet it becomes quite a challenge to dress up. What does one wear is the big question. One doesn’t want to ruin good shoes and clothes in the wet weather.
Yet one still wants to look good and stylish. There is the humidity to keep in mind as well.
One should wear-
1.  Light and breathable fabrics like Cottons etc.
2. Synthetic clothes should be completely avoided.
3. A stylish raincoat/trench coat is a must to turn some heads.
4. Gum Boots in vibrant colours are perfect for the season.
3. Shorts, short skirts, dresses if your figure is one which can carry these off.
4. Denim usually looks good and are not affected by the weather. Shorts, jeans, skirts, tops. Denim always wins.
5. Vibrant Flip Flops/Sandals or Slip Ons for the feet.
6. Dark Colors as rain marks etc show up more on light coloured clothes.
7. Jumpsuits and Cotton Pants are a good option.
8. Light and natural makeup.Light shades of lipstick not very dark because if it runs it leaves marks. Waterproof varieties are also a must.
9. And last but not the least -a nice and vibrant collection of umbrellas. The miniature and foldable variety which you can put in your bag easily.